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Why Buy Copag Cards?

At our retail store we get customers that may not be familiar with quality playing cards. So they always ask, why buy copag cards? Well that is a good question considering that normal paper decks such as Bicycle cost $3 a deck while Copag Plastic Cards cost $16.95 for a 2 Deck Set. 

But what you get with your purchase of Copag Plastic Cards is easily worth 10 times as much as a normal deck. Copag cards are plastic. So what does that mean? It means it can withstand many beatings that happen on a typical poker game. Which means you won't have to pause the game to go to the local store and buy another deck! They can withstand drink or beer spills. Just wipe them off with a cloth and its dry within seconds. They can handle some sort of player abuse. Copag cards do not crease as easily. As some players tend to throw their cards hard after a loss pot, Copag will likely take that beating a lot better than a paper deck! 

Well what else can Copag cards do? We can honestly say that an average player will be able to shuffle Copag cards better than a paper deck. They shuffle very easily and quick. You will increase your hands per hour. You will get a more random shuffle with Copag cards compared to other store bought paper cards. The cards also slide across the felt much smoother.

To sum it up, Copag Cards will last you 10X if more more than store bough paper cards. They will save you the trouble of going to the store in middle of the game. And it of course will save you from playing with marked decks! 

The Poker Store has the LOWEST prices on Copag Cards anywhere. We have 2 Set Specials, 3 Set Specials, 4 Set Specials, and of course we have wholesale dozen Copag specials. All Copag Card orders ship FREE and come with FREE Cut Cards! All orders that contain more than 1 Set automatically gets upgraded to FREE 2-3 Day USPS Priority Mail Shipping! Copag Cards are also warranted directly from the manufacturer of all factory defects! Each deck comes with a Warranty Card.

The Poker Store is your safest bet and quickest turnaround for Copag Cards!

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