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Phoenix Card Room 10 Gram Pure Clay Poker Chips

Welcome our NEW Pure Clay poker chip, Phoenix Card Room to the The Poker Store family of chips! Real clay just like the casinos use at fraction of the price they pay! Limited Supply. Only pre-sets will be sold until stock gets replenished later this year!

Phoenix Card Room poker chips are top-of-the line casino-grade clay poker chips that don't use any plastics or polymers. Unlike most poker chips on the market, each Phoenix chip is 100% clay, like all the best vintage casino chips of yesteryear.

Stamped with a decorative Phoenix mold design, each 10-gram chip features a colorful two-spot edge design inspired by classic casino chips from across the USA. Each poker chip feels great in the hand because real clay lends our Phoenix chips a subtle earthy texture and additional heft not found in cheaper plastic poker chips.