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Why Buy Copag Cards?

Copag Cards vs Store Bought Cards

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How Many Poker Chips Do I Need?

From time to time, we at The Poker Store get asked a very good question. How many chips do I need to for my game? What denominations should I get? The answer varies on how you play the game and with how many people.Here are 2 basic ways of playing poker. Tournament StyleTournament style is when every player gets the exact same amount of chips and you play until 1 person remains. Usually the blinds would go up every 10-30 minutes. The way tournaments work is that every player Buys In for the same amount, lets say $10. And they all...

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Modiano Playing Cards - New Colors!

We have 2 new colors of Modiano plastic playing cards. Black and Grey are now available. They are poker size with jumbo index. We also have a new 10 pack special in which you get 1 of each color. Modiano cards have silently become many dealers and players favorite decks. They are 100% plastic, last much longer than paper cards, and are known to be thicker than other brands. They are also known as Davinci Cards. Check out the single deck and multi deck options right here.

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World Series of Poker 2017 Official Cards - Copag

Copag Plastic Cards are once again the Official and Only playing cards of the WSOP 2017. This is the exact brand and quality of playing cards that will be used at all the events! We have a nice selection of Poker and Bridge size cards. Copag Plastic Playing Cards are 100% Plastic and have longevity over any other playing cards in the market. Check Out all are available options and deals here.

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New Copag Designs Now Available

Introducing our new series of Copag Plastic Playing Cards! We now have 5 new designs under the Class line and 6 new designs under the NEO line. The Class line features elegant designs and patters for a traditional poker game. While the NEO line boasts some spunky and fun patterns! They are both of the same quality of Copag Plastic cards that you can count on for your poker game. They are only available in Bridge Size Jumbo Index, which is the most commonly used in casinos. Check them out right here.

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