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Return Policy

Even though we offer Free Shipping, poker chips are very heavy to ship. We recommend you purchase sample packs first.

-Custom Chips are not returnable or refundable 
-The following chips are print on demand and may not be returned 
Nevada Jack Skulls, Nevada Jack Saloon, Desert Sands
-T-Shirts and other print on demand products cannot be returned
-Clearance or Sale items cannot be returned
-15% Restock Fee on all eligible returns
-Item must be Unopened & Sealed
-Actual shipping costs on the order will be deducted from your refund
-Customer is responsible to ship and insure the product back to our warehouse at their expense
-File return within 14 days of receiving order
-All gift items must also follow these guidelines

Open items cannot be returned

 Shipping Policy
- We do not guarantee to meet any deadline dates
- Though we ship daily and we are very efficient, things can go wrong in any of the shipping legs that may delay your order(either at warehouse level or carrier level)
- Our busy warehouse is also capable of making errors, we will fix any errors we make but we cannot guarantee any deadline dates that you may have
- We will not upgrade shipping on any human errors, it will reship at normal or slower speed
- Prepare in advance for any event you have coming up 
- In transit, rolls of poker chips can bust out of its plastic package, that is to be expected and is not considered damaged. We will replace any missing or broken chips. If you are gifting, please be aware of this as we will not exchange or accept returns for this reason. On chips shipping from our retail store, you can ask us to take extra packaging precautions to limit busted rolls at an extra shipping cost to you.


Poker Chip Color Matching and Thickness Policy

Some product images you see were taken years ago and may not be 100% accurate of current production batch; for example, a color of chip might be significantly darker than what the image shows. Even if you purchase sample packs, as they might have been packed from an older batch and may not 100% reflect current batch of chips. For most players, this is an unnoticeable issue. Please contact us for any questions first as we cannot accept returns for this reason.

We can not guarantee color matching of our poker chips from different manufacturing runs. If you buy one color of a certain denomination, the shade of that color may slightly differ from sale to sale or even within the same sale. We can not match previous purchases, so please expect that there may be a difference in the shade of your chip color. 

This is particularly true for the $500 purple chips in all of our sets. You will still be responsible for the restocking fee if you choose to return chips that do not match a previous purchase. We will not be able to search through our poker chips to try to match a shade preference.

There may also be thickness and weight variances within your set from chip to chip. The advertised weight of the chip is a rough estimate. In factory when they are produced in bulk, there is no way to make sure each chip weights that amount. Often a 14gram chip will weight between 12-14 grams each. This is true for almost 100% of the chips in U.S market, as we get our supplies from the only poker products vendor in USA.