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Copag Plastic Playing Cards vs. Any Store Bought Cards

Today lets discuss the difference between a deck of cards you can buy at any store vs Copag 100% Plastic Playing Cards. Copag cards are 100% Plastic while most store bought cards are "Plastic Coated." Plastic coated cards are simply cards that are printed on a cardboard sheet with a coating of plastic over it. While Copag 100% plastic cards are printed on a sheet of full plastic. Which means they can take some serious beating throughout a poker session and still hold up for months.

Copag plastic cards are water-proof. So go ahead and spill some Beer and Soda on it, simply take a napkin or a cloth and rinse it off. It will be good as new in no time. Copag cards also do not bend and can withstand most creases. Shuffling a deck of Copag is like shuffling thin air. Its amazing how much easier Copag cards are to shuffle and handle vs a normal deck of cards. You will increase your hands per hour with Copag.

The Poker Store carries a wide selection of Copag cards. We have Narrow Bridge size which most casino's prefer. We also carry Poker Wide size which is a standard deck of Bicycle size. Then we have an option of small  standard index or Jumbo Index. Jumbo Index is what most casinos and players will prefer. But in some areas of the country, players prefer the traditional standard index. All Copag Cards also come with Manufacturer's Warranty of any defects. 

Email us and we will help you make a proper selection, we have the best price on Copag Cards.



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