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POKER CHIPS STATUS - last update 8/17/23

Heavy Duty Case
new black 300 case
new high stakes plaque case
new 1000 case


New Valentino Ceramic Chips
All denonminations in stock

New Ace Casino Smooth Chips
All denominations in stock

Stealth Casino Royale
All denominations in stock

Monte Carlo Smooth
All Available + NEW $5 Red Yellow Option

Smoked Monte Carlo
$25,000 Sold Out

Casino Royale
All available

Crown Casino royale
All available

All available

Classic ceramic
All Available


High Stakes Plaques

Card Guards
Delete Rounders
Delete all soccer team ones aresenal, manchester, chelsea, liverpol
new magnet card guards

 Poker Tables
Add Universal poker chip tube
add formal design cut cards


Please understand the following about custom ceramic chips

Respond with I AGREE and we will move on


No Refunds or REDOS or RETURNS on Custom Poker Chips

Perfect replication of your artwork is NOT guaranteed.

The artwork will be considered an approximate estimate appearance of final product.

The images above have been created on a computer

Your final product will go through a complete different process to arrive at its presentation.

We believe your final product will look close to the artwork provided, but not exactly the same

Usually colors appear sharper and brighter on computer image then actual product when produced.


No Refunds or Returns on custom products. The proofs we send you and the colors are approximately accurate to the full product. When printed we cannot guarantee 100% color match. We recommend you purchase a sample pack of stock design so you can get a feel of how ceramic chips are. 


By Responding I AGREE

-       You agree to all above and cannot hold The Poker Store responsible for any errors you missed in the artwork, once approved.